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The way of work

  1. Just we receive the customer list, which includes the data of the non-continuous customers or the defaulting debtors and the consequences of the customer’s use of one of the products of the bank are dealt with through the organizational structure of the work from the collection managers and district coordinators and collection supervisors to distribute these customers to the collection agents, through the most important criteria (geographical distribution – the type of indebtedness – the efficiency of the collector and the speed of collection of debt) and then searching for customers in the databases of the company and multiple access to their phones and addresses, whether the place of residence or work…etc. Then we move to the actual fields in any place that can be reached in particular the case of the customer who left the place of residence or work. All that is done by maintaining all professional and ethical standards.
  2. The indebtedness shall be collected by directing the debtor to pay at the nearest branch of the bank or by receiving the debt from the debtor and giving it the receipt of the payment and then supplying the amounts collected within 24 hours with a copy of the receipt delivered to the customer according to the regulation followed with the bank.
  3. In the case of non-response of the stumbling customer for the ongoing friendly claims during the due date of arrears, a detailed report shall be presented, including the visits and follow-ups made with him and presented to you with the recommendation of the company as an evaluation of the matter of the usefulness of taking legal action or not to inquire about the legal proceedings in case of  taking this decision, the legal affairs department of the company undertakes the matter under the full supervision of the company’s management. You are regularly provided with a statement on the location of all clients, whether collected or taken against them