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S.W.O.T Analysis

Strengths point Weaknesses
covering all governorates and regions of the Republic through the branches and headquarters of the company (Alexandria – Cairo – Asiout) The size of the huge competition with the distinguished  competitors  in  the same field
A fully qualified and qualified team with expertise and competencies in the collection of debts Some  financial  institutions require  a precedent work paper for the new companies in the market.
Providing all the equipment that helps to work and complete  
Developing team performance through training courses to avoid their mistakes to make them familiar with everything that is new  
Good relationships with lots of workstations that we can get their help, allowing us a large database presence in many work files.  
Credibility and follow-up in the receipt and delivery of work  
Using and exploiting technology for  the good of work. Availability of safety and security factors at work  
Competitive commission rates  
The speed and ease of execution in implementing sentences in relation to cases in which decisions were issued in prison.  

Threats Opportunities in the Market

Available Opportunities in the market Threats
Few companies in the field that cover all over the Republic and the gaps in the current competitors can compete through them. The emergence of new competitors with the ability to compete more efficiently
Increasing the entrepreneurial market in Egypt, which allows individuals and businessmen to obtain financial support by various means of credit, which leads to an increase in credit portfolios and debts within banks The chances of granting some banks the agencies are few.
Increasing the market leadership which allows individuals and businessmen to get the financial support by all credit means. This causes the credit and indebtedness enclosures to  increase inside the banks. High rates of leaving work of employees engaged in the collection
Getting help of outsourcing to obtain sufficient information to reach the customer to achieve the interest of the work.


It is in the interest of financial institutions to create competition between their clients, which allows us to be in the market  

Analyzing the table of points of weaknesses and threats

Points of weaknesses and threats Possible solutions
The size of the huge competition with the distinguished  competitors  in  the same field Taking some example, and focus on the weaknesses of others and treating them while maintaining the fundamentals and constants in the work and follow the different work strategies which enable us to achieve success.
Some  financial  institutions require  a precedent work paper for the new companies in the market. Determining, continuity and perseverance to prove ourselves through our ability to achieve success and provide the best possible services at competitive prices
Emerging new competitors that will be able to compete more efficiently Continuous and meaningful development ensures us to go steadily.